vem.die arbeitgeber e.V. is the Employers' Association of the Metal and Electrical Industries.

vem.die arbeitgeber e.V. is a service provider for businesses in the metal and electrical industries in Rhineland-Rhinehesse. We have approximately 175 members from the metal production and processing, mechanical and electrical engineering, precision mechanics and optics, as weil as automotive and aircraft construction industries. We also have a brewery and an advertising agency.

As each has specific questions, it's good to ask a specialist.
You know best how your business works.
You know your products, your industry, and your market, however, success is not only a question of knowing your core business, but also of its pitfalls.
This is a task for vem.die arbeitgeber e. V.

We take care ofthe details so that you can concentrate on your business. That's why you'II find not just one contact person for different topics, such as legal advice or labour science, but several, who are expert in their respective fields and constantly learning and keeping up to date.
This way, you get the information you need quickly in a well-informed manner.

lt all started with the metal and electrical industry. We are now one of the largest employer associations in Rhineland-Palatinate. lt's no wonder that more and more diverse industries, telecommunications, IT companies and service providers are choosing us to represent their interests. Size does not matter. Small family businesses feel just as much at home with us as large organizations. Whether medium-sized or large - we support and defend all our members.


Business advantages within the law- Employment law for your organization.

Not every employment relationship ends on a good note. This makes it all the more important that you set the right course as early as the contract drafting stage. We advise you on all questions concerning employment contracts, warnings and dismissals - so that you are on solid legal ground. We also support you in your cooperation with the works council, e.g. in the drafting of works agreements or in social plan negotiations.

Managing directors and employees in management positions need basic legal knowledge in their daily work. This is exactly what we teach in our management seminars on labour and social law. In addition, we keep you up to date at all times on amended and new laws as weil as current case law.
Not every company is bound by collective agreements. Some rely on in-house or company collective agreements. There is nothing to be said against this as long as such an agreement is just as legally watertight as a national collective agreement. Therefore we support you in the elaboration, negotiation and implementation of individual solutions. lf you wish, we can even sit at the negotiating table with you.
We offer advice on all individual employment law issues, such as employment contracts, the issuing of warnings, the granting of parental or part-time work, termination options, special rights of severely disabled persons and the issuing of references.
We offer support in all matters of employee data protection as weil as the structuring and handling of company pension claims.


Active at European and international level

In many cases, directives and other projects adopted at European and international level concern employment law which affects not only international companies but also businesses domiciled in Germany.
Benefits from our knowledge and our network:

  • Support in employment law matters with a European or international aspect, particularly regarding foreign secondment.
  • Arranging European and international contacts, both with companies in other countries and with decision-makers in Brussels
  • Expressing the interests of our member businesses.
  • Directives or other projects at European level


Remuneration - We talk about your money

  • How attractive is your company within the labour market?
  • How satisfied is your workforce?

The answers to these questions also depend, to a large extent, on how you remunerate your employees. At the same time personnel costs have a significant impact an your competitiveness.

  • Do you want to master this balancing act and pay your employees appropriately and fairly? How can managers effectively determine the performance of their employees?
  • Which aspects are particularly important in terms of corporate vision and long-term goals? How do you link the result of the assessment to variable remuneration?
  • How can performance appraisals be geared to the future and development potential of employees?

We will answer such questions during our consultation.

Paying employees an the basis of performance indicators can increase productivity. Ta do this, valid key performance indicators must be determined in order to link them to remuneration via a characteristic curve within the framework of a bonus system. With our experience, we can support you in determining the right key figures, developing a remuneration system based on them and coordinating everything with the works council or trade union representatives.


Securing skilled workers - We find your skilled workers of tomorrow.

lt is becoming increasingly difficult to fill training positions and find suitable skilled workers. That's why we support you in your search for skilled workers: from the Internet, in schools and at trade fairs. With our numerous educational projects and events, we successfully recruit young talent. Are you looking for the skilled workers and trainees of tomorrow?

Enthusiasm begins with getting to know each other. By getting teenagers and young people interested in technology andin your company, you set the course for their career choice. For example, with the M+E Info Truck. lt visits schools and companies and provides information about careers in the metalworking and electrical industries and about your company at the same time: Request the truck and experience how the spark is ignited in students interested in technology.

Trainers from member companies meet at the training managers' working group. Several times a year, they have the opportunity to exchange views on topics relating to training an exchange of experience that will help you get ahead.
In addition, our offers are aimed at trainers and apprentices. lt is important for us to provide you with concrete support in the area of training. To this end, we offer extensive know-how in practical specialist events, seminars and workshops and we are also happy to advise you on site.

During our inter-company training workshop, vem.die ilw gGmbH, we offer high-quality technical training for your skilled workers and relieve you of the first year's basic training.


Personnel development - We make your employees fitter

Excellent personnel and sustainable personnel development are important success factors for you.

You want to train your employees systematically and purposefully?

Would you like a clear presentation of the age structure in your company in order to be able to better plan personnel development measures?
Do you want to define the competencies that your specialists and managers need, also regarding lndustry 4.0?

Leadership is a success factor. A good leader helps all employees and managers to identify with the company, to work with motivation, to call on their performance potential and thus to advance the company. We support you in analyzing and improving the leadership culture and thus ensuring the success of your company.

Age structure analysis - Thanks to this analysis (which doesn't require much data), you will get an overview of the average age of your employees and see what the age structure will look like in 5, 10 or 15 years. With this knowledge, you can identify current and future personnel risks - the basis for taking timely countermeasures. A balanced age and competence structure of your workforce ensures your competitiveness.
In times of a shortage of skilled workers, the following applies: A company that is committed to the long-term development of its personnel is not only attractive to employees, but also to applicants. For personnel development we offer you an instrument with which you can identify existing and necessary competencies. In this way, operational qualification measures can be planned in a more focused and sustainable manner.


Process optimization - We make short work of it

Productivity improvement and orientation towards employee needs are complementary. Both are important for the long-term success of the company. You have to react promptly to customers and employees new expectations. Changes take place faster and faster. This requires holistic and individual solutions. Do you want your company and your processes to become more flexible?

A workplace should be optimally aligned to the respective activity -also in terms of occupational safety. Ergonomie, waste-free work requires procedural standards such as the 55-method and problem-solving in workshops. We support you in the introduction of the 55-method and design the first workshops with you. In this way, you pave your way to a continuous improvement process (CIP).

Customer wishes are becoming more and more individual, batch sizes smaller and smaller - a tense relationship. On the one hand, it is important to deliver the right quantity of ordered products at the right time. On the other hand, production should be running at full capacity, but this is not possible if setup times are too lang. Therefore, we support you in the introduction of SMED (tool change within minutes), so that you optimize your process. In order for production to run smoothly, a structured approach must be taken in the operational process -from management at the point of value creation to goal-oriented communication and transparency through simple visualization. We support you in the introduction of Shop-floor Management, develop your concept with you, and also train your managers so that their management work becomes efficient and effective.
We offer you suggestions, the impetus and concrete support, from the perspective of modern industrial engineering. In this way, you can improve the effectiveness and productivity of your production system. Digitization alone does not solve organizational, communication, interface and leadership problems. The prerequisite for the introduction or transformation to lndustry 4.0 is a stable, and clearly defined process.

We therefore actively support you in optimizing your business processes, e.g. in introducing 55 and CIP in your company, in perfecting your shift system or in introducing a new pay structure.